Sefton Pensioners Advocacy Centre

The SPAC Team and our Projects

Andrew Booth Chief Executive

The Director

Andrew is responsible for ensuring that SPAC operates effectively, efficiently and legally! Ensuring that SPAC Staff, volunteers and systems have the support and procedures to enable us to discharge our aims and objectives. He is also tasked with supporting the work of the management committee and is tasked by them to ensure that the voices of older people within Sefton are heard at all decision making levels and to raise awareness of the role and effectiveness of Advocacy both within Sefton and wider afield.
Marie Skinner Office Manager

The Office Manager

Marie's main role is to be responsible for the development and continued maintenance of efficient and effective office systems and operating procedures within SPAC and to directly support the Director. Marie is the only member of the team permanently based in the Southport office and also functions as the main point of contact for everyone who contacts us whether it is our service users, other professionals or general members of the public!
Judith Schorah Dementia Project Manager
Richard Jones Dementia Advocate
and Development

The Dementia Project

This highly specialised project has three main aims:
  1. Older People with dementia will have access to a specialised advocate who will support them to have their voice heard in decisions affecting their lives.
  2. The concerns and interests of people with dementia will be considered at all appropriate levels of the planning and service delivery process. The director will take these on to the strategic stage
  3. Older people with dementia will have access to services that promote and defend their rights and Care plans/packages will be more responsive and take into account their full needs
In addition Richard's role involves some development work with associated professionals to raise the awareness of dementia advocacy
John Cooper Continuing Health Care Advocate

Continuing Health Care/Residential & Nursing Homes Advocacy

To provide advocacy support to people and carers going through the continuing care process - including challenging decisions made by NHS Sefton. Also John works within nursing and care homes ensuring that residents and potential residents have support to make decisions and have their voice heard during review or complaints.

Pauline Adderley Housing Options Advocate
John Colby Housing Options Advocate

Housing Options Advocacy

The aim of this project is to enable older people to explore their housing, support and care options and to then to help older people to act upon/ achieve their chosen form of housing, support and/ or care.

We will also aim to empower service users to make and implement their own decisions about their housing, care and support.

Elspeth Walsh Advocate

General Advocacy Project

This is the longest standing project and Elspeth our longest serving member of staff! This is where it all began and the project aims to support any older person in Sefton that requires support to have their voice heard with any issue that doesn't require the more specialised advocacy projects. This is also the project that most of our volunteers choose to work within. Our volunteers are ably supported by:
Margaret Lambert Older Peoples Forums Manager

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Margaret is responsible for providing day to day, caseload and training support to our volunteer advocates. All referrals for advocacy support also go through Margaret prior to allocation.
Margaret Lambert Volunteer Coordinator

Older Peoples' Forums Co-ordinator

For a number of years SPAC has facilitated two geographic forums (Southport & Bootle) for older people. Initially it was around health and social care but in recent years they have broadened their scope and size to encompass any issues they felt have an impact upon older people. They meet on a monthly basis and have developed into an information and consultation group for a whole range of service providers as well as bringing in experts to talk to them about their concerns. Recently we have developed a third forum in Maghull.

The forums were instrumental in the development of the first Sefton Strategy for Older Citizens and also played a huge role in the setting up the Sefton Partnership for Older Citizens (SPOC). Members of the forum represent a third of the partnership members and undergo training in representation skills.